Sunday, December 16, 2007

Meet Mack in progress

So, here I am. My name is Mack. I've gotten my tail, a bit of nose and a bit of color. I still have a ways to go but I think I'm starting to look more and more like a Whippet. I'll be making my way to Canada with Houdini and Emmy sometime in the new year. I'm thinking a new coat will be in order cause I heard that the winters get pretty cold in Canada. Enough of my rambling..

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that Houdini finally got his ears on..But it don't mean he can hear any better..Love ya Bro.

Hi mom!!



Simba said... much do your creations cost?? I would really like to get one for Simba!


Melissa (Simba's human mom)
feel free to email me:

dog face girls said...

Hello Simba and Melissa,

Prices start at $100.00. I will email you.

William F. Renzulli said...

I check your blog daily, so I don't feel too guilty about doing this.

Consider yourself tagged for Christmas.

Last week, or was it the week before, I was TAGGED. Patience has since given up on me, convinced I will not follow up as directed. But, I am a thoughtful, deliberate man and need to think things out very carefully before I respond to the challenge of revealing 5 things about myself, and then tagging five other bloggers.

Merry Christmas

dog face girls said...

Hi Bill,

Oh no!! Not the dreaded "Tagged." Lol, no guilt here. Love the "polyanna" comment.


Melba said...

Merry Christmas Bro! We all hope you have a great one! Pressies will be a little late but they will be there! Love ya! ~Melbie

Aniemother said...

Wow Vee... Your creations make me fight to find other words than wow, though.. LOL!

Hope you and the guys have a very Merry Christmas!

Hugs, Ane & the WriggleButts

Anonymous said...

Sweet MAck, you are SO handsome!! I can't wait to see you on display in my house :) You're amazing Vee, totally amazing!