Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So, what exactly is Needle Felting.

Here is the wool after the sheep has been sheared and the tags have been taken off. The next stage is to wash the wool to remove the lanolin, dirt and as much vegetable matter as possible.

Here is the wool after it has been washed with detergent to remove lanolin, dirt and vege matter. The next stage is to card the wool.

Above is the wool after it's been carded.

The hand carders below looke like large dog brushes. These are used to tangle up the wool and prepare it for needle felting.

These are the needles used to poke the wool and creat art. The needles come straight from the manufacturing world where they are used to create flat felt. A 3d felter like me will hold one or two of these needles in her hand and poke the wool to creat shapes.

All that being said. The needle felter can also buy the wool all ready carded, either in batts or roving. It also comes dyed in a myriad of colors. There are also many different types of wool. Such as Alpaca, Llama, Merino...You can also felt some types of dog hair.


Patience-please said...

Yikes! It still seems like magic to me. How on earth you get from pile o' wool to amazing personality plus dog is beyond my imagination.. And I have a pretty good imagination!


dog face girls said...

Thanks Patience. LOL, it's beyond mee too.



Jenni said...

This looks very interesting! I'd like to see a video of it to get a better idea. Off to hunt for one. I love the horse you made.