Thursday, April 17, 2008

Only three day left

Here are a few quilts I will have for the National.
Black and white
Squirrels and Bunnies oh my!

Love is

Southwestern theme

Dessert anyone


William F. Renzulli said...

Fun quilts. I hope you sell out of everything.

Also, please do me a favor and keep and eye on Patience for me...she tends to get a little wild when I'm not around.

dog face girls said...

Thanks Bill, and yes I'll keep an eye on Patience, lol.


dogmom said...

Vee they are GREAT! My most favorites are the last two, for some reason, but I love all the colors. So glad you 'll get to spend time with P and remind her to give us a call now and then, okay?
I also hope you sell EVERYTHING!!
When do you leave??

dog face girls said...

Thanks Laurie,

I leave tomorrow morning.


Orchidee said...

Absolutely stunning! I love your work!