Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A few quilts

Ok, so I haven't been doing much needle felting. But, I am working on my first needle felted Basenji, so far I have the body and front legs started.
Here are a few quilts I made.
The top quilt has Basenji appliques and the bottom quilt has Whippet appliques. All quilting is done with 100% cotton fabric.


Anonymous said...

I wonder who the lucky one is that gets to give that felted Basenji a home?!! :-)
We can hardly wait but I must be VERY careful that Simmer and Rivet do NOT decide to play with her!!

The quilts are lovely, by the way; It's so fun to see the animation and expression, even in a quilt.

Orchidee said...

These quilts are absolutely gorgous, how did you get the dogs done so beautiful detailed?

Simba said...

oooohh...LOVE the quilts!!!!!

Melissa (Simba's human mum!)