Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A tribute

So I've been beading these whippet/greyhound earrings.
I usually watch tv when I bead.
Well there I am beading and watching tv and I look over at my sweet 14.5 year old whippet Skeeix.
Then it hits me. I must do a tribute to that beautful old face.
You know the one where the color starts to fade and go white around their eyes.
So here are a couple of pairs of earring saluting all those beautful old whippet/greyhounds faces.
Thank you Skeezix.

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PeachMelba said...

Oh Vee, Those are so cute! I just love your old dog tribute. Hugs to Mr. Skeezix

Anonymous said...

ohh, what a great idea and very sweet tribute to your sweetie!
Our old guys are so special......
talk to you soon,