Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet TJ

Here's a whippet I just finished.
His name is TJ.
Tj is needle felted using a few different types of wool, Dorset, Norwegian(black) and Romeny.
He sits about 5 1/4 inches high and sport a beaded collar.
He also sits on a needle felted mat.
The beaded collar is made using delica beads, fireline thread and the peyote stitch.
This is Tj with is cohort Maribella.

Thanks for looking


laurie said...

Ohh, a leetle black and white ;-) He's so cute... they BOTH are... it gives me a glimpse of what RIv could look like in gray--TJ is quite similar!!
I'm so glad to see more of your work, Vee!

gunknitter said...

This is just wonderful work, Vee !!

Patience-please said...


dog face girls said...

Thanks everone. Your comments are greatly appreciated.


PaisleyJade said...

Amazing! You are so clever!

Elayne said...

You really have them down pat. Beautiful work.