Monday, December 14, 2009

RIP my dear sweet boy.

Skeezix 09/26/1994 - 12/11/2009


Aniemother said...

Oh no Vee... I'm so very sorry. Run free sweet Skeezix!


PeachMelba said...

Oh Vee. I'm so, so sorry. He was such a wonderful boy and will be greatly missed. Melba and the gang send comforting hugs.


laurie said...

Oh, Vee..... There really are no words... this was not at all what I expected to see when I stopped in! I am so, so sorry... little Skeezix. Even tho' we've never met, I will miss you as though you were my own.... run fast and free now!
Sending you all great big hugs,
Laurie, Spats, Rivet and SImmer

Ari_1965 said...

I'm sorry. Best wishes.

Ladybug said...

so so sorry to hear this. i know i am very late with the condolences. thinking of you though