Sunday, November 18, 2007

Meet Buster

Here is my middle boy, Buster, at 4.5 years old. He is one smart cookie and counter surfer extraordinare. He loves to go on walks and search for tree rats(squirrels) kitties, and small dogs..He loves to fence fight too. His prey drive is so high that we don't take him to off leash dog parks as he likes to chase down small dogs..He loves standing in front of the wood stove to stay warm. He also like hanging with his other two buds, Skeezix and Nearly.


Aniemother said...

Hi Buster - we think you're very handsome. Please don't chase us!

the WriggleButts

Patience-please said...

Oh Buster, you are sooooo handsome! (I see a leetle blackish ear poking in the picture too!)

Sue said...

Hey Buster!
You are looking mighty handsome. Stevie figures that you and she should get together. With both of your high prey drives you could chase each other for hours! ;-)

PeachMelba said...

Hey Bro!
Nice to see you on your Mom's Blog! I keep telling my Mom that she needs a blog so she can write about all of my good stories! Hope to see you soon. Have a great Holiday Season!

dog face girls said...

Thanks sis. Yeah, where's you blog.