Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Meet my friend and needle felting partner Geri

Here are a couple of felted items done by my friend and needle felting partner Geri Williams.

Kangaroo with joey

Little mouse coveting his cheese

I hope you enjoy them.


Patience-please said...

Fun! I love the mouse! When you get a couple more posted I'll post a notice with a link here on my blog. It really is fun to get to see them here.

William F. Renzulli said...

These are fantastic! How large are they? Are they for sale, and if so how can someone purchase them?
Can I add your blog site to my list of favorites?

dog face girls said...


Geri and I are pleased that you like them.

Yes, they are for sale.

If anyone is interested in purchasing please go to our website- www.dogfacegirls.com -and leave us a message on the comments page.

Yes, please feel free to add our blog to your favorites.

Anonymous said...

That mouse is just adorable!


Sue said...

Those are awesome Vee! Love the kangaroo! Too cute!