Monday, February 18, 2008

Wet felting class

Felted Bag, I made this too!!
wool roving

felt. I made this!!

Felting tools

Well yesterday I took a class taught byUna of wooly walkers .. Oh what fun. I made a little piece of felt and a cool bag. Who'd a thought it would be so easy. All you need is soapy water, a bit of merino wool roving, a piece of netting, a piece of pool cover, a slice of pool noodle and a couple of strings to secure the pool cover to the noodle and last but not least a whole lot of imagination!!..That's it.


Patience-please said...

Easy for YOU!!! I'd make a mess, nothing but a mess.


Ladybug said...

you are so talented, i love looking at the photos of the things you make

Nancy said...

I found your blog through Charlotte's Creative Web. I do a little needle felting but work mostly in mohair. You can tell from my name I am also a dog person. Love your felted dogs & critters. You should check Teddies by Laura Lynn too as she also has 3 whippets.