Sunday, February 8, 2009

Totes anyone? And a pillow or two

Ok, I admit I don't always needle felt. But I do have a few needle felted items in the works.
Here are some totes and pillows I made. I printed the pictures onto fabric.
All fabric used is 100 % cotton. Each tote and pillow is machine quilted.
These were made for a fellow whippet owner and friend in North Carolina.
They are pictures of her and her daughters horses.

The totes measure about 15 inched withd and 14 inches tall, not including the handles.
The pillows measure 17 inches square.

Thanks so much for looking.
This brown tote is my favorite.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Vee! I love the first little peeking photo! I agree the brown one is really nice too... sweet photo and great fabric and all.
How do you get the even swirls of stitching? Does the machine do that automatically or is it where you maneuver the fabric?
I might have to think of doing something like that sometime.... I mean having YOU do it for me!

dog face girls said...

Thanks Laurie.
That swirling stitching is my quilting. It is not done automatically and I don't use a stitch regulator either. It's all done by my maneuvering the fabric and the use free motion foot with the feed dogs down.

Patience-please said...